MI Account Removal (Worldwide Clean Mode)


MI Account Removal Service Worldwide Support (CLEAN MODE ONLY)

XIAOMI MI Account Removal (Worldwide Clean Mode Only)

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The service is specially developed to remove the blocking of the MI account on XIAOMI devices.
The service officially removes the linked MI Account on the XIAOMI devices through server and turn “FIND MY DEVICE” off which results device to be fully unlocked permanently.

To order an unlock, it is necessary to indicate the lock code (lock number) from the device’s display, keeping case (in BIG or small letters), exactly as on the device’s display.
If you specify a lock code (lock number) in a different register or an error in the lock code, an incorrect result will be received and a refund will not be processed.

What is LOCK CODE?
LOCK CODE is shown on the screen of locked xiaomi devices with MI Account.

In some cases, Lock Code is not displayed so you can proceed the following steps to get it ;

  1. Make sure device is connected to internet connection either WiFi or Cellular Data
  2. Click padlock 10 times and LOCK CODE will be generated and displayed on the screen.

What After Order ?

After placing the order with proper region and lock code of your device, wait for the time as shown there to proceed the server unlocking.

After receiving a notification of successful unlocking, you need to connect the phone to Wi-Fi with Internet access and the Mi account lock will be automatically released.
In some cases, you just need to update the phone with regular Xiaomi update tools.
After unlocking, in order to avoid accidentally re-linking the device to the old Mi account, it is strongly recommended not to restore the device from the old backup, possibly stored in the cloud, on a computer, flash drive, memory card.
It is strongly recommended that you reset the device completely to Wipe and configure the device as new.